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mission & guiding Beliefs


North Bridge Academy empowers and equips students with dyslexia to embrace their strengths, realize their potential and fulfill their aspirations.  



Our vision is to be a center of educational excellence and advocacy for dyslexic students, empowering them to achieve their intellectual and creative capabilities.



We provide individualized instruction grounded in evidence-based structured literacy programs in an intimate and caring community.

We Believe

Students with dyslexia learn best when teachers use multi-sensory, sequential, phonics-based instruction.

By providing linguistically informed and multi-sensory instruction, we believe all students can make meaningful learning gains and develop a sense of their own learning capabilities.

Small class sizes are vital.  

Small class sizes provide ample opportunity for teachers to understand the nuance of every student’s social-emotional needs, areas of strength and specific academic challenges, allowing us to tailor specific instruction.

Dyslexic learners have many talents and unique abilities. 


The world needs them to think in ways that come naturally to them. Dyslexic thinkers often possess abundant creativity, strong reasoning skills, curiosity, visual spatial thinking capabilities, and a keen conceptual ability to see the “big picture.” Our responsibility it to tap into this innate talent and give spark.

A responsible learning community provides strong social emotional instructional support and teaches organizational skills throughout the day. 


Small class sizes provide quality time for discovery, thoughtful deliberation, reflection and inquiry which, in turn, promotes student confidence, self-advocacy and a sense of belonging to our community.

Consistent assessment of each child informs every child’s learning plan. 

Both formal and informal assessments administered by qualified teachers accurately makes visible a child’s growth and should inform the pace and scope of their academic goals.

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