after school programs

During the pandemic, North Bridge Academy has suspended after school activities.  Below are examples of what may be offered in 2020-21.  The selection and frequency of activities will be revised to accommodate County of Marin and State health guidelines.  
Creative Crafts - Hand sewing, embroidery, and crochet offer students the satisfaction of making things by hand and the joy of presenting them to people they care about. All projects can also be continued at home for endless fun! (Instructor: Hannah Grace Porter)


Fab Lab – Glue guns, basic hand tools, 3-D printing, TinkerCad and laser cutting are just some of the tools that student designers and builders will use to create, design, program, carve or assemble their unique creations. (Instructor: James Brunner)


Japanese Club - Explore Japanese food, manga (graphic novels), animation, music and other Japanese cultural expressions including hiragana and katakana (Japanese alphabet) and kanji (Chinese characters). Depending on interest, the club might visit San Francisco's Japantown to learn more about some of the cultural themes. (Instructor:  Sachiko Reed)


Basketball – The North Bridge Narwhals team practices and games are co-ed.  NBA is a member of the Small Schools Sports League in Marin, and we will play 10-12 games against other small, independent schools. (Coaches: Jacob Steiger and Dave Klemas)


Mindfulness & Homework Help - Our meetings will begin with a Mindfulness practice and/or activity followed by homework and study hall.  Using the Mindfulness Schools curriculum, we will explore and learn new ways to self-regulate, to express feelings appropriately and to manage stress.  The second part of the club’s session is a Study Hall where students can work in a quiet space and get guidance on some of their work and current projects. (Instructor: Sachiko Reed)


Art Studio –The theme of the first 8 sessions is Amaz!ng Zines.  Students choose a theme, learn construction basics and begin their story with drawings, paintings, comics or collage. Every student author tells the story of their choosing in the style of their own choosing. The second 8 session theme is WORD ON THE STREET.  Students will explore their talent as a graffiti artist learning awesome lettering to create tags, two-tone fills, the “drip” effect, and highlight and shadow.  (Instructor:  Adele Maze)

Recess Games  -  This fun and games program will be a combination of organized team games, such that students will have fun getting aerobic exercise. Most games will be in the gym, but some will take place in nearby parks, offering larger, outdoor space and diversity of environments. (Instructor:  Jacob Steiger)