our story

Our Story

Responding to an unmet need….

Karen Rosenquist founded North Bridge Academy in 2015 because

she saw the need for a school in Marin dedicated to teaching

dyslexic learners the way they learn best in an environment

that celebrates their strengths as well as remediates their differences. 

Bringing her business and entrepreneurial skills to bear, Karen sought out specialized teachers, a school facility and students.  In 2015, a crucial introduction to Priya Tjerandsen was made.  Priya’s exceptional expertise assessing and remediating students with dyslexia was key to communicating the efficacy of specialized instruction to prospective parents. Together, with teachers Emma Elizalde and Hannah-Grace Porter, North Bridge Academy welcomed its inaugural class of 17 students, grades 3-6, in Larkspur in 2016.



Cultivating community…

Since its inception, North Bridge Academy has continued to grow steadily and mindfully. 


2017 – North Bridge Academy expanded to 30 students and added a 7th-grade cohort.


2018 – North Bridge Academy enrollment grew to 46 students and expanded to 8th grade.  Full-time faculty grew from four to eight.  Its first cohort of 8th-grade students graduated. 


2019 -  North Bridge Academy secured a new location in the bucolic, charming community of Mill Valley.  Annie Crowder was hired as Head of School. 



North Bridge Academy Today...


Our program has evolved and expanded.  Our solid fiscal position affords us the opportunity to partner with experts in social-emotional learning, test preparation, human development, anxiety mangement, and executive function.  As we expand, so do the opportunities for our students to discover their strengths and find new outlets for their imagination, problem-solving skills and empathy.  We like to say we are a small school with big plans.  In 2019, we expanded our enrichment offering to include more theater, outdoor activities and sports.  In 2020, we will be adding more clubs, community service opportunities and after-care options.