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North Bridge Academy

17 Buena Vista Avenue

Mill Valley, CA  94941 

How can I support North Bridge Academy?

Our supportive community and caring school culture have been cultivated in large part by the contributions of families and friends alike.  With each passing year, our school's aspirations become realities, and the character of our school's culture takes on new dimensions.  We are indebted to the families, local businesses and foundations that have generously given time and money to ensure our stability and growth.  Like most independent schools, we fundraise because tuition alone does not cover our operating costs, and we rely on donations to close the gap. We encourage all families to give at whatever level they are able.  Our goal for 2020-21 is for 100% parent and board participation.  Unless specifically requested to restrict funds, donations will go to the general fund. 

NBA is a non-profit organization.​ Donations are tax-deductible.  Tax ID: 47-3823645

  • Volunteer

  • Host a Fundraising Event

  • Donate to the General Fund

  • Support Professional Development

  • Support Financial Aid

  • Donate items for the Spring Auction

ways to help
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Holiday Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week

Have an idea of how to contribute that isn't on this webpage? We would like to hear from you.  Please contact Karen Rosenquist