summer school

In-Person Summer School June 28 - July 23, 2021

Monday through Friday
  • Mornings    (8:30-11:30   Slingerland Summer School®  led by Dr. Nancy Cushen-White

  • Afternoons (12:00-3:00)    North Bridge Academy Afternoon Summer Camp

NOTE:  Interested students must apply for morning and afternoon programs separately. Students are not required to attend the afternoon program. 

Bus service is available to SF families.  To inquire, email


Slingerland Summer School - For student any grades 1- 8

What Is It?

This four-week program is both a summer school and a teacher training program.  No more than 10 students per class.  Each class is led by a trained Slingerland teacher and an assistant teacher. Daily instruction centers around building phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  


Time:  8:30-11:30  Monday through Friday

Dates:  June 28 to July 23 

Cost: $2,975 (for 4 weeks). Please email Nancy Cushen White for information about financial assistance. Click here for the tuition assistance application.



How to Apply:

1. Complete Application - Click here for the application.  

2. Complete the tuition assistance application if you plan to request support.

3. Pay the deposit (40%) using the DERC payment form.

A complete application must include : 

All four pages of the application (Parent pages 1-2 AND Teacher pages 3-4) + 40% deposit + Completed Scholarship-Tuition Assistance Application-Request form.


Application Deadline - April 26th.


Please email Nancy Cushen White for answers to all questions regarding Slingerland summer school. 

North Bridge Academy Afternoon Summer Camp 


Time12:00- 3:00  Monday through Friday

Who Can Apply?: Open to all students admitted to Slingerland Summer School

Cost?:  $45/day.  Chose from one to five days per week. Inquiries about Financial Aid? 

Contact Annie Crowder at or (415) 462-5657


How to Sign Up?: Please add your information to this form,

*** Once Nancy has accepted students into her program we will reach out to parents to confirm student participation in the North Bridge Academy Afternoon Summer Camp.

NOTE: Students may attend only one of the following three activities in a single day but may attend more than one activity a week. 

Fab Lab (Option 1) - minimum of 4 students, maximum of 16 

James Brunner (NBA STEM teacher) will lead students in tutorials and student-selected activities such as:

● 3D printers (lessons on how to use software to create original designs) 

● Vinyl cutter (lessons on how to make stickers and T-shirt designs) 

● Chromebooks and Ipads (Apps focus on intro to programming/ graphic design, teacher-led tutorials on simple game design and programming) 

● VR (optional, wide range of programs such as visiting the International Space Station or hang gliding down a mountain range that you have sculpted) 

● CNC (projects include creating small wooden signs, decorative engravings, wooden fidget toys)

● Microscopes (lessons on basic operations) 

● Minecraft team play: builds that focus on teamwork, management skills, and creativity.

● Also available: Little Bits circuit kits, Felting, hot glue cardboard creations, Legos, TIA (take it apart) 

 Art/”Word on the Street” (Option 2) - minimum of 6 students; maximum of 12



Adele Maze (NBA Art teacher) will instruct students in the hip and creative art form of lettering and graffiti.

Students learn:

  • Drawing skills, lettering styles, tips, and techniques

  • How to sketch, fill, outline, and shadow

  • Thick letters, 3D letters, Stretched letters, and Ropes

  • Two-tone and Splatter 

  • Words in a circle, Words in a banner

  • Bright and bold special effects

Fitness & Fun in the Gym (Option 3) - minimum of 6 students, maximum of 15 


Dave Klemas (NBA teacher and basketball coach) will lead students in fun, non-competitive games and physical activities in our gym and in the greater Mill Valley community. 




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