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Slingerland Summer school 


North Bridge Academy is pleased to host Slingerland Summer School.  The program Director is Nancy Cushen White.  Please contact Nancy with ALL questions related to the morning academic program.


For information about the afternoon program, please contact North Bridge Academy, Head of School, Annie Crowder for information.  Please read below for more information. 


SF 3pm van is available @3pm.   The cost is $15/day.  Contact Annie  Crowder for information.


Essential Information for Slingerland Summer Camp:


Application Date: May 2 (Firm)

Summer School Dates: June 27 - July 22

Grades: entering grades 2 through 8

Times:  8:30am to 11:30am, Monday to Friday

Location:  North Bridge Academy, 17 Buena Vista Ave., Mill Valley

Cost: $2,975.  For information about financial assistance please contact Nancy Cushen White for information on how to apply.  

NOTE: Students must be available for screening on May 7 between 8am-12 pm at North Bridge Academy, 17 Buena Vista Ave, Mill Valley. 

Creative and Athletic Fun:  Afternoons at North Bridge Academy

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Information about Slingerland

Five Key Elements

Lesson Plan Format

Research & Slingerland

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Please go to this link to indicate interest in North Bridge Academy Mini Summer Camps: 


Note: Once Nancy Cushen White has screened and accepted students into her program, we will reach out to you to confirm your participation in our Aftercare Program. 


Questions? Inquiries about Financial Aid? 

Contact Annie Crowder at or (415) 462-5657

What Are the Afternoon Activity Options?

Fab Lab - maximum of 16 students
James Brunner (NBA STEM teacher) will lead students in tutorials and student-selected activities such as:

●    3D printers (lessons on how to use software to create original designs)

●    Vinyl cutter (lessons on how to make stickers and T-shirt designs)

●    Chromebooks and iPads (Apps focus on intro to programming/ graphic design, teacher-led tutorials on simple         game design and programming)

●    VR (optional, wide range of programs such as visiting the International Space Station or hang gliding down a           mountain range that you have sculpted)

●    CNC (projects include creating small wooden signs, decorative engravings, wooden fidget toys)

●    Microscopes (lessons on basic operations)

●    Minecraft team play: builds that focus on teamwork, management skills, and creativity.

●    Also available: Little Bits circuit kits, Felting, hot glue cardboard creations, Legos, TIA (take it apart)

Art/”Word on the Street” - maximum of 12 students

In Art Starts Now this summer, we will put our creative joy into a melange of crafty mediums and materials. Projects may include making a golden Egyptian collar, wind chimes, bubble wands and bubble party, rubber stamps, artist trading cards, stand-up self-portraits, erupting chalk and robot puppets.  Adele Maze is an art instructor at North Bridge Academy and Bay Area art and educational therapist.


Fitness & Fun in the Gym - maximum of 20 students

Dave Klemas (NBA teacher and basketball coach) and Elijah Jackson (PE Teacher) will lead students in fun, non-competitive games and physical activities in our gym and in the greater Mill Valley community.