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Is your son wild at heart?

We understand boys. 


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We are looking for young men who will continue the tradition of the Academy in its entrepreneurial venture as an all-boys, college prep, adventure program.

If your son is looking to be a part of a cutting edge middle and high school experience, where he will receive a superior education, as well as an understanding of true entrepreneurship, NCA should be his first choice.  He will be challenged in the classroom and outside the classroom.  Boys like movement, purpose, and a challenge that carries a direct result.  School can be laborious, yet given the proper tools and mission statement, students can step up to the challenge and succeed.  When learning about our country's Christian and Western Heritage, boys are given examples of how perseverance and following truth was once a part of everyday life and how we are also a part of that same tradition. We are expected to honestly step up to the plate and give it our best swing. 

Whether studying for a math test or dog-mushing in the U.P., we teach our young men that life can be exciting when they are challenged. Our job is to properly equip these boys with the appropriate tools.




Northbridge Christian Academy 

We are a Christian preparatory school for boys that emphasizes leadership and a basic understanding of entrepreneurship.

The Academy understands the God-given desire young men have for leadership and adventure.  Northbridge Christian Academy's mission is to reach young men by incorporating leadership, entrepreneurship, and adventure into their middle and high school experience. Our goal is to help guide them to value their educational career and equip them with proper academic and godly leadership tools.

The Academy will provide a classical liberal arts education and a motivating leadership program that is specifically targeted for college-bound middle and high school boys.

Student achievement is directed toward mastery of the basics, exploration of arts and sciences, and understanding of the foundational tenets of our American and Christian heritage.



Phone: 517-552-0218


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